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There is life after bankruptcy. What happens after your bankruptcy is final? Most people are concerned their life will be in tatters and they will never be able to obtain a loan again. This is just one of the many bankruptcy myths that abounds and it is quite false. In actual fact, once you complete your Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy you’re ready for your “fresh start”. The primary difference, of course, is you will either be debt free after Chapter 7, or caught up and current on all your debts after Chapter 13.Life After Bankruptcy

Being free from debt provides great relief to most individuals who have gone through the process. With proper guidance and financial advice from an experienced bankruptcy lawyer at My AZ Lawyers you will be able to get back on your feet and on the right track. Our dedicated Glendale bankruptcy attorneys will help you get a positive start to your “Life After Bankruptcy”. Our Glendale bankruptcy law office will work with you to make sure that you don’t end up back in financial perils.

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There is Life After Bankruptcy

Once you have completed your bankruptcy it should take you between two to three years to rebuild your credit. Your credit is going to be re-built faster with a little work on your part. Having steady employment and no additional debts can make rebuilding your credit a simple task.

Call (623) 640-4945 to learn more about Life After Bankruptcy.

Call (623) 640-4945 to learn more about Life After Bankruptcy.

The most important thing that Glendale bankruptcy filers can do is to make sure that you make the right choices and avoid making the same mistakes again. The key issue to avoiding financial ruin is learning how to make and apply a budget. You will get credit counseling as a condition of your bankruptcy. Using the credit counseling and applying the tools of financial management can put you back in firm control of your financial future and stability. Our Glendale bankruptcy lawyers and legal staff can also help you repair any incorrect information on your credit history after filing for bankruptcy in Glendale.

The following is a list of things you should do to help rebuild your credit after bankruptcy in Glendale:

  • Live within your means!
  • Pay your bills on time!
  • Open a new bank account, make regular deposits
  • Apply for a new debit card from your new bank account and use it responsibly
  • Make better choices with your budget.
  • Live within your means!
  • Make wise choices when seeking credit, avoid high interest
  • Paying all creditors in a timely manner
  • Be smart with your new start or you will be right back where you were.

Please contact our Glendale bankruptcy attorneys and find out what your life could be like after bankruptcy with no further debts and a new financial future. Get prepared for your “Fresh Start”!


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