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Chapter 13 lawyers in Glendale, AZ will tell you that filing chapter 13 does not simply erase all of your debt like a chapter 7 bankruptcy.  Bankruptcy is not only for people with little or no income.  If your current debt outweighs your ability to pay, you can seek relief through Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  Specifically, this option allows individuals, couples, and families in Glendale, Arizona who are not qualified for chapter 7 bankruptcy an opportunity to get their debts under control by filing for chapter 13 bankruptcy protection.Chapter 13 Lawyers in Glendale | Affordable Bankruptcy Attorneys

In addition, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is not as sweeping as Chapter 7 bankruptcy, but it has advantages such as being able to catch up on delinquent mortgage payments and student loan payments over a period of up to 60 months.  For example, in chapter 13 we work out a payment plan in which you pay back a portion of the overall debt.  In fact, payments in a chapter 13 are based on your ability to pay, rather than the amount owed.  Additionally, chapter 13 payments are usually made over a period of three to five years.  At the end of this time, your remaining debt is then canceled.  Furthermore, filing chapter 13 in Glendale, Arizona can help you get your debt under control.  Contact chapter lawyers in Glendale.  My AZ Lawyers is an affordable chapter 13 option for you.  Contact our lawyers today.

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If you are struggling with your finances, filing bankruptcy in Glendale, AZ may be the debt relief option that you are seeking.  Also, if you are in a situation where you have few assets and no savings; the only option to alleviate your debt may be to file for bankruptcy.

Lastly, you can protect your home and other assets in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  That is to say, Chapter 13 bankruptcy stops mortgage foreclosure and allows you to keep non-exempt property (in addition to exempt property). Under Chapter 13 we determine a new repayment plan and the person filing for bankruptcy is able to keep their assets while continuing to repay the debt.  By all means, contact a reliable Chapter 13 Bankruptcy attorney in Glendale and Peoria, Arizona today.  

“How can bankruptcy benefit me?”

Filing for bankruptcy assists an individual or company in three main ways.  Bankruptcy can:

  • Wipe out credit card debt, medical bills, and other unsecured debt.
  • Stop creditor harassment and collection activities.
  • Eliminate certain kinds of liens. A lien is a creditors right to take your property if you can’t make payments.

 Chapter 13 Lawyers in Glendale, Arizona

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